Friday, April 18, 2014

Secret Garden and Petite Fleur Inspire Crop Photos

Photo from a Canadian store.

Photos of the new full on luxtreme print Inspire Crops. My store had the new Petite Fleur but not the Secret Garden. I took both pairs with me to see how they looked in the three way mirror and ended up returning the Petite Fleur and keeping the Secret Garden, for now. Both are nicely thick and I couldn't see my nude underwear through under either pair. However, the Secret Garden fits a bit looser and the darker colors work better for me, I think. I was kind of hoping my store would have the Secret Garden Inspires in so I could check out the print distribution on another pair since but they didn't. I'm going to leave the tags on a little longer since it is a very noticeable print and I'm not sure how brave I am. I also returned the Pow Light Cool Racerback since I already have Pow and a couple other CRBs that are super close to Pow. I tried on the new Lightened Up LS and liked it a lot better than the Runamuck LS. I thought the fit was a generous TTS and the cut is figure flattering.

Cashew Wee Space Cool Racerback and More

Secret Garden and Pigment Blue Coast Tanks.  I really liked the Coastal Tank when I tried it on last year but I didn't know how the swim material would perform in the gym so I left it at the store. I think it was a size down item but can't recall. Anyone have this and use it at the gym and can comment on how it performs?

Some Breathe and Flow Tank photos. This tank looks very pretty on these women but I felt like I wear wearing a nightie when I tried on a returned white one at the store. The bra is also rather low cut and low support so I also showed a ton of cleavage.

You can't see much of the racing stripes on the crops but at least the colors are true to life in this photo.

Clear Mint and Vintage Pink/Pretty Purple Pace Crops.

Secret Garden Cool Racerback

Cashew Wee Space Cool Racerback

Secret Garden Free Reign Short

Secret Garden Speed Short

New Secret Garden/Pow Light Wunder Under Crops.

New visor.

New Scuba and Pow Light Cool Racerback

Pretty Purple Power Y

Deauville Stripe Power Y

Pow Pink Light Forme Jacket

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mail Day: Pow Pink Light Cool Racerback vs. Pow & More

A real quick photo showing the new Pow Pink Light Cool Racerback on the left and an older Pow CRB on the right. The colors are very, very close - as expected. I'm not sure whether I will keep the Pow Light. Truth be told, I like Pow Light a bit better than regular Pow.

Secret Garden Inspire Crops
Petite Fleur Inspires
Not So Petite Fleur Denim Luon Wunder Under Crops

I ordered both the Secret Garden and Petite Fleur Inspires Monday night and got them today. The website didn't note this but both are made of full-on luxtreme (formerly known as Iplux).  They definitely feel thicker and more compressive than my luxtreme and power luxtreme Inspires. I am sorely tempted to keep the Secret Garden because they are sold out, however giant flowers on my large thighs just make them look larger so they'll be going back. However, I really like the Petite Fleur Inspires and once I take a good look at them in the three-way mirror at the store and everything looks ok from the rear view (I couldn't see my underwear in my home mirrors), I think I will keep them. They are neutral and go with all my solid colored Swiftly and other run tops.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More of the Latest

The Secret Garden Yoga on the Fly Duffel. I saw this in the store yesterday and it is a showy bag. If I didn't already have a relatively new bag I'd definitely think about getting this one. 

I forgot to write yesterday that I tried on the Tech Mesh Singlet in the store yesterday. I am a huge fan of mesh and mesh-back tanks for hot workouts. Years ago, lululemon released special edition Cool Racerbacks made of Circle Mesh. The Circle Mesh CRB, the Mod Waves CRB, and the Right Round tank are three of my favorite hot weather run tops so I was excited to try on the Tech Mesh Singlet. Though the website only shows the Tech Mesh in Lavender Dusk and Black on it, my store also had it in Clear Mint and Soot. The Black and the Soot versions are made out of Circle Mesh. The Lavender and the Clear Mint are made out of the same kind of mesh that is used in the Flow N Go Tanks, which lululemon just calls "mesh." I think this other kind of mesh is a bit more delicate than circle mesh, but both kinds need to be put into a lingerie bag in the washer. The fit on the Tech Mesh Singlet is rather straight - since I am a pear shape I found it very large in the chest and a bit small at the hips. It's also on the short side. I'd prefer is the tank was a bit snugger at the chest, with smaller armholes, was longer, and flared out more for the abdomen/hips - pretty much the 105F singlet in mesh form. I know it's meant to be roomy/low cut to show off the bra underneath but I'd want to use it for running and I don't care to have a lot of my Ta Ta Tamer show. I don't mind having a lot of an Energy bra show but TTTs always seem more like underwear to me than a sports bra meant to be revealed. Anyway, if you aren't a pear shape, this tank should fit you perfectly, if a little on the short side.

The 105F tanks have become my gym tank of choice for non-run workouts. (Though the material is fine to run in, I use a Ta Ta Tamer for running and this tank reveals too much of the TTT for me.) I usually wear it with an Energy bra but sometimes an All Sport. The Lullaby one has been calling my name and I'm dying to add it to my collection (I have them in Angel, Black, Bordeaux, and Raspberry). From left to right: Zing Pink (I think), Vintage Pink, White, Bali Breeze, Angel Blue, Antidote, and Lullaby.

I believe these are all on the same woman so this photo makes a nice comparison shot - Top, left to right - Clear Mint Pace Rival Skirt, White Pace Setter, Pip Dream Free Reign Short; bottom row- Pretty Purple Tracker II shorts, Secret Garden Pace Rival Skirt, and Angel Dot Pace Setter skirt.

Lullaby Forme Jacket and Angel/Lullaby striped CRB.

The very cute Pretty Purple/Vintage Pink striped Pace crops and Pow Swiftly LS.

Fatigue "Camo" Wunder Under Pants on Website Were Really Pineapple Printed WUP

Thanks to Ms. P. and Ms. T. for the photos.
People who ordered the "Fatigue Camo" Wunder Under Pant from Monday's upload got a surprise in the mail. Instead of camo WUP they got new full on luon "Printed" Wunder Under pants with a greenish pineapple motif. The website had the wrong photo and I have to say I did notice that the photo on the website was of the larger retro camo rather than the more subtle Savasana 20 cm camo print. If it's any consolation to the people who ordered these, I don't think Fatigue Savasana Camo print Wunder Unders exist. I'm pretty sure the only kind of green camo Wunder Under Pants that have been spotted in stores are the older Wren Retro Camo that is polyester and not the new denim luon. According to your comments, lululemon is offering $25 "we're sorry" gift cards and free return shipping.